Additional products

At Hertz you can benefit from many products to make your rental even more convenient. Whether you require additional insurance for greater protection or a GPS to better find your destination, at Hertz you will always find the right product.

Additional coverage

The all-round protection (SuperCover)

Would you like to be comprehensively covered to enjoy your rental without a worry?

Hertz SuperCover insurance (liability waiver with an excess of CHF 350) covers you against all damages to your Hertz van. Enjoy full protection and therefore a trouble-free rental with Hertz.

Personal Insurance

Would you like to not only insure yourself, but also your passengers?

This is no problem with our Personal Insurance. In case of an accident or theft, you and your passengers are insured up to an agreed sum.

Young Driver Surcharge

Even as a young driver you can now rent a van from Hertz without a problem.
There will be a small surcharge for this. This enables you to rent a commercial vehicle through Hertz even if you're under 25 years of age.

The only requirement is that you have held your driving licence for at least one year.

Additional Services

Hertz NeverLost®

Hertz NeverLost®

Remain calm, even in the most foreign environments, by choosing an optional NeverLost® satellite navigation system, prepared by TomTom, the world market leader in satellite navigation technology. Using the detailed and most precise traffic data coverage and the possibility to quickly find the correct route or change it, you will always reach your destination.

Additional Driver

Additional Driver

Take turns!
Hertz is offering the option to enter several additional drivers on your rental contract - in fact as many as there are seats in your Hertz van. Contact your Hertz service desk personnel for further information.

Additional mileage

Additional mileage

Did you drive further than intended? No worries! You only pay CHF 0.15 (category O4 and W4), or CHF 0.29 (category C4) or CHF 0.39 (category H4) per additional kilometre. These will be simply charged at your rental return.

Please note that you can only obtain all the additional insurance benefits before the rental commences.*

(*further conditions relating to additional insurance benefits can be found in the general business terms.)